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Skip Bin Hire to the Mornington Peninsula,
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Here at Southern Skips, we offer skip hire around the Mornington Peninsula, including skip hire in Mornington, skip hire in Frankston, skip hire in Cranbourne, skip hire in Flinders, skip hire in Portsea, skip hire in Rosebud, skip hire in Dromana and skip hire in Red Hill. Essentially, we are the people that you should be turning to for all of your skip hire needs.

Having first opened our business back in 2010, we have gone from strength to strength, providing our clients with exceptional levels of service. We are recognised as being professional and reliable, and this is something with which we are incredibly proud of. We are a family-owned and operated business, meaning that although we operate on a large scale, we haven’t lost the human touch.


Initially, we were just a husband and wife team offering skip hire around the Mornington Peninsula and Frankston and skip bin hire in Cranbourne. We have rapidly expanded to become the team that you know today as a company with a passion for recycling. Our skips are available in several different sizes, including: 2m³, 3m³, 4m³, 6m³, 8m³ & 10m³.

One of the main things that drive us is our passion for achieving sustainability and preserving the planet for future generations. If you are looking for skip bin hire in Cranbourne and South Eastern Suburbs, you have come to the right place! Our aim is to make rubbish removal as easy and painless as possible. We think that this will reduce the instances of illegally dumping rubbish and will help to ensure that domestic and commercial waste is disposed of correctly.

Regardless of if you need a skip for a home clean-up, renovation, landscaping project or building site – we have the skip bin for you. You will find that our prices are incredibly competitive, with clear and transparent quotes and invoices. Our objective is to make everything as easy as possible and try to eliminate any confusion. If you have any questions, our helpful team will be on hand to address them.

All of our drivers are incredibly experienced and will place your skip in the most convenient place. We have an extensive range of vehicles that are suited to building sites, rough terrains and narrow entranceways. We also have some trucks available to low height areas. Please inform our team if you have any special requirements as we will be happy to address your needs.

Our homes and businesses have perhaps been at the forefront of our minds more recently than ever before. We have possibly had time to complete those jobs in the garden or home improvements that we have been promising to do for years but never got around to. Many of these projects require something more than a bin to get rid of the waste. It is at times like this when you require skip hire on the Mornington Peninsula, Frankston and Cranbourne areas.

At Southern Skips we pride ourselves on providing an unequalled level of customer service and support. We are prepared to go that little bit further to ensure that you, are valued customers, receive a service that you can rely on to be punctual, professional and flexible.

We have a range of small and large skip bins for hire in Frankston, Mornington Peninsula, Flinders, Red Hill, Mornington, Portsea, Rosebud and surrounding areas that will meet every need. Our office-based team are always happy to offer great advice on the best skip for you and how you can maximise its use. 

We can normally deliver your choice of skip within 24 hours and would expect to leave it with you for a period of four days. However, things don’t always go to plan, so if you want to return the skip early or maybe hold on to it for a day or two extra, we can usually accommodate you without difficulty. 

And furthermore, should you realise you are nearing the maximum capacity of your skip bin, but have more waste to dispose of, contact us and we can offer a changeover service, taking your full skip away and replacing it with an empty one – generally on the same day.

With a serious commitment to protecting the environment, we painstakingly hand sort all the waste we collect to ensure as much as possible is recycled – and we offer a low starting price for all of our skips when they are filled with 100% green waste.

We can provide a suitably-sized skip for your project, arriving at a time to suit you and collecting it again when you tell us to. We won’t leave you hanging around for days waiting for it to be collected and leaving an unsightly mess in front of your home. We come when we say we will and take things away with a minimal amount of fuss. On our quotes and contracts, we detail what service you will be getting, and in the rare cases, where you may be required to pay extra due to the type of waste you are disposing of, we will let you know well in advance.

If you have never needed to hire a skip on the Mornington Peninsula or needed skip hire in Frankston, Cranbourne the Bayside suburbs, our friendly and knowledgeable team will offer advice and answer any questions over the phone. We can help you save money by making sure that you get the right skip for your job, and you aren’t paying for more than what you need. We will also talk to you about other considerations which you may not have considered, such as access and ensuring it is suitably lit.

In an industry that has often been associated with bad practices, honesty and reliability are the keys to building a reputation that customers can trust. And at Southern Skips, a family run enterprise, we have been developing our business to earn a reputation that is second to none.

Providing skip hire services all over the Mornington Peninsula, from Frankston and Mornington to Redhill and Rosebud, down to Flinders and all the way around to Portsea, we take the strain out of household clearance and rubbish removal for you.

Call us to discuss your needs so that we can advise on the size and type of skip you need and give you your unique quote; you will find our rates are really competitive.

Our experienced and conscientious team of drivers can then get an appropriately sized skip delivered to you, usually within 24 hours or less, and can recommend a suitable location for the skip – bearing in mind some council restrictions may apply. Our standard skip hire period is 4 days, but we can often collect the skip early if required and the period can also usually be extended by prior arrangement.

Once we have collected your skip our aim is to recycle as much of your rubbish as possible, and because we painstakingly hand sort every skip that we collect, we are proud to say that we average over 60% recycling.

At Southern Skips, providing skip hire services all over the Mornington Peninsula, we pride ourselves on the level of service that we provide for our customers. When you call us to hire one of our skips we will give you advice on the whole process - from which size skip bin you may need, positioning the skip bin to ensure you meet with all council regulations, how to best fill your skip bin and arranging delivery and collection that suits you best.

We can provide a comprehensive selection of skip bins, ranging from the smallest, at 2 m³, which is our only non-walk-in skip bin, to our largest 10 m³ skip bin, which features barn style doors and boasts an opening of 1500mm. This huge skip bin is ideally suited to bulky but relatively lightweight items.

Knowing what you intend to put in the skip bin and approximately how much waste you need to dispose of, will determine which skip bin is best for you. Our most popular size for general home clean ups is the 6m³ which is suitable for most domestic style waste. Contact us and talk to one of our friendly, yet professional team; once we have discussed and established your needs, we will then give you your individualised quote for the cost of hiring our skip bin.

Getting rid of larger than usual volumes of household or garden waste does not have to be a problem, especially for residents of Melbourne where skip bin hire in Frankston and Mornington Peninsula has never been easier thanks to the family run business, Southern Skips.

 A dedicated and professional team offering a range of varying sized skip bins for hire provide a reliable and affordable option for disposing of your unwanted white goods, household debris and green waste from your garden.

The smallest skip available is 2 cubic metres, and suitable for small scale household clearance and because it is small is the only skip that is not of the walk-in variety. At the other end of the scale the largest skip is 10 cubic metres – and this is suitable for bulky but relatively lighter loads.

As with all waste removal services there are some restrictions on what may or may not be taken away – and if you are in any doubt regarding the size of skip you require, what you can put in it, or the best way to load it efficiently, a call to one of the team at the office will provide all the answers you need.

 Skips are normally available for delivery within 24 hours and the standard period of hire is 4 days, but this can easily be adjusted to your needs.

You can rely on Southern Skips for all of your skip hire requirements in Flinders, Red Hill, Portsea, Mornington, Mornington Peninsula, Frankston, Rosebud, Dromana and neighbouring areas.

We do not make any surcharges based on your location in the area, so if you need skip hire in Red Hill, Mornington, Frankston, Rosebud, Portsea, Flinders, Dromana or anywhere between, give us a call and find out how Southern Skips can help you.

Please note, there are some hazardous materials that we can’t accept in our skips, so please check our conditions prior to booking your skip.

If you would like more information about our skip hire along the Mornington Peninsula, including skip hire in Mornington, skip hire in Frankston, skip hire in Cranbourne, skip hire in Flinders, skip hire in Portsea, skip hire in Rosebud, skip hire in Dromana and skip hire in Red Hill, we would like to invite you to call us on 1300 121 476 or 59 77 99 45. Alternatively, you can contact us directly via our website. We look forward to receiving your call and being of further assistance.

When you have household or garden rubbish and debris that poses too much of a problem for you to dispose of yourself, you need the services of Southern Skips, a family run business that provides skip hire across Mornington Peninsula, Frankston, Red Hill, Flinders, Rosebud, Portsea Mornington and many other suburbs of Melbourne.

At Southern Skips, we believe in offering our customers the best possible value for money which is why, as well as having a wide range of skip sizes available we provide you with an individualised quote based on your requirements, rather than a one price fits all strategy that is often disadvantageous to customers. 

Our friendly and highly professional team can usually deliver a skip to you within 24 hours – and may even be able to provide a same day service – it’s worth a call to find out! With careful consideration to the placement of the skip at your location and 4 days before a scheduled collection you will have all the time you need to fill the skip up with your unwanted stuff. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on recycling up to 65% of the waste and rubbish that we collect, which is great for the environment and helps to keep costs down for you too.

If you require skip bins in Frankston or surrounding suburbs, including Mornington Peninsula and Frankston we offer a superior yet competitively priced service that will meet your needs with the minimum of inconvenience to you.

Southern Skips is a well-established, family run enterprise that provides skip hire services to Flinders, Red Hill, Portsea, Rosebud, Frankston and across the Mornington Peninsula. With a highly professional yet friendly and approachable team, Southern Skips have developed a worthy reputation for providing an excellent level of service where our customers’ expectations are always met.

Waste and rubbish removal is very much a subject under scrutiny as society’s responsibility towards the environment increases, and at the core of our business model is a commitment to recycle as much of your rubbish as we possibly can, reducing the impact on the environment whilst still attending to the requirements of our valued clients.

And whether you are undertaking a small building project at your property, refitting a kitchen or just having a clear out of your spare room and need skip bins on the Mornington Peninsula or the Frankston area, we have the solution for you. From compact 2 cubic metre bins up to huge, walk-in 10 cubic metres, we can normally provide the appropriate skip for you within 24 hours, and depending on availability perhaps even the same day. One of our team will deliver your skip to the location of your choosing and pick it up after 4 days or sooner if you notify us that it is full.

When you need skip bin hire in Mornington Peninsula or Frankston you are probably busy, involved in a project, so we aim to take the stress out of removing your rubbish.

Call us for a quote or to book your bin hire today.

At Southern Skips we have been providing a skip hire service to Mornington, Mornington Peninsula, Red Hill, Flinders, Rosebud, Frankston, Portsea and other areas of Southern Melbourne for well over 10 years, during which time our professional but approachable team have earned a reputation for their quality of service.

For many, a skip or skip bin is the ideal way in which to dispose of moderate to large volumes of unwanted goods – old furniture, garden waste or general building debris, for example. Skip hire gives great flexibility and affords time to sort out what you want to dispose of, as our standard term for skip bin hire in Frankston and Mornington Peninsula is 4 days – but we are more than happy to oblige if you need the skip for a longer or shorter period.

In addition, the range of skips that we have available (2m3 to 10 m3) means that you can order the appropriate size skip for your needs – but if you are not sure exactly which skip is best for you, a quick call to our office will put you right.

With exceptionally high levels of reliability, customer satisfaction plus affordable and competitive prices, Southern Skips is your first choice for skip bins in Mornington Peninsula, Frankston and beyond – but should you need further persuasion, we take the responsible and environmentally friendly disposal of your waste extremely seriously. The painstaking process of sorting by hand all of the waste that we collect results in recycling levels of up to 60%.

A familiar sight around the Mornington Peninsula is our distinctive logo across our trucks as they deliver and collect skip bins in the locality, all driven by our team of courteous and professional drivers. At Southern Skips we provide cheap skip bin hire in Frankston and all over the Mornington Peninsula, but although we manage to keep our prices affordable this never affects the quality of our service.

  You may have the opportunity to book your Mornington skips with plenty of notice, but in the event, you require one at short notice, we can usually deliver the skip of your choice to your location within 24 hours, whether it be our compact 2m3 bin or our supersized 10m3 skip, and with 4 days as standard for you to keep the bin, you have plenty of time to make full use of it. However, should you fill your skip bins in Mt Eliza or elsewhere early, we will make every endeavor to collect it as soon as you notify us.

  We take pride in the amount of refuse and rubbish that we manage to recycle – we are loath to put anything in land fill sites, and generally manage to recycle about 65% or your discarded waste, underlying our commitment to preserving the environment.

  It’s not just us that thinks our Flinders, Portsea, Mt Eliza, Frankston and Mornington Peninsula skip bin hire is the best around – our customers think so too!

When you want cheap skip bins in Mornington, you can count on Southern Skips!

Skip bins are probably the most convenient way in which to dispose of large quantities of household or garden rubbish and waste. At Southern Skips we provide skip bin hire across the Mornington Peninsula, Mornington, Flinders, Rosebud, Portsea, Red Hill and beyond. With flexible and accommodating service and skips of varying sizes to suit your needs, it’s fair to say that our skip bin hire to Frankston and Mornington Peninsula is the premier service in the region. Our exceptional bin hire to Mornington Peninsula is matched by our commitment to recycle as much of the refuse that we collect as possible, so if you are looking for environmentally friendly Portsea, Flinders or Mornington Peninsula bin hire, reach out to us for a quote.

Although we offer cheap skip bin hire to Mornington Peninsula and Frankston (all prices based on individual needs and circumstances) you will be receiving a five-star service and our reputation for professionalism and reliability in providing Mornington Peninsula, Portsea and Flinders skip bin hire is second to none.

We can normally deliver skip bins to Frankston, Mt Eliza and other suburbs within 24 hours, so if you call today, you can expect your skip bin tomorrow – and you can make full use of it for 4 days (or longer by arrangement).

When you are looking for Frankston skip hire, Mornington skips or Mt Eliza skip bin hire do not hesitate to contact Southern Skips, where our friendly and experienced team are waiting to take care of all your skip bin needs.

If you have traditionally disposed of your own excess rubbish by loading up your car and driving to a local tip or recycling centre simply because you thought that skip bin hire in Frankston and across Mornington Peninsula was either too expensive or somehow else unattainable, the friendly yet highly professional team at Southern Skips would urge you to reconsider! Hiring a skip bin is often the most convenient and least expensive option!

Skip hire in Portsea, Mornington, Frankston, Rosebud, Flinders, Red Hill and other suburbs across Mornington Peninsula has never been easier, or more affordable, as with a selection of differing size skip bins available, you are able to choose the size that suits your needs best. Whether you are looking for small 2m3 skip bins in Mt Eliza or one of the larger walk-in 10m3 skip bins in Frankston, or Mornington skips of any size in between, then Southern Skips can provide what you need at short notice.

Having first started supplying cheap skip bins to Mornington and cheap skip bin hire to Mornington Peninsula and Frankston nearly 15 years ago, Southern Skips have a wealth of experience and never forget that they are a friendly, family run enterprise that values delivering exceptional service above all else.

If you are in Mt. Eliza, Portsea or Flinders and need skip bin hire to deal with a house clearance, or looking for Frankston skip hire to conveniently dispose of garden waste, Mornington Peninsula skip bin hire service doesn’t get any better than that provided by Southern Skips.


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Our skip bin sizes include 2m³, 3m³, 4m³, 6m³, 8m³ & 10m³ (click here for more details)

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