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Our Skip Bins

We have a large range of Skip Bin sizes, ranging from 2m³ to 10m³.


All our Marrel bins are lifted from our trucks on hydraulic chains. This minimises any potential damage that could occur to your property.


Please view the images below to help decide which bin is right for your job, and continue scrolling to see how we price our bins and for some tips and tricks on how to get the most out of the bin.


Visit our Blog page for some Tips & Tricks on how to best fill our skip bins.


2m³ Skip Bin 

1850mm L x 1470mm W x 930mm H


4m³ Walk-In Skip Bin 

2900mm L x 1400mm W - AT THE TOP
2200mm L x 1200mm W - AT THE BOTTOM
Height is 1200mm & Door opening = 900mm W


8m³ Walk-in Skip Bin 

3600mm L x 1500mm W x 1500mm H. The door opening is the full 1500mm W.

3m³ Walk-In Skip Bin 

2200mm L x 1540mm W - AT THE TOP
1450mm L x 1140mm W - AT THE BOTTOM
Height is 1200mm & Door opening = 900mm W

6m³ Walk-In Skip Bin 

3600mm L x 1500mm W - AT THE TOP
2800mm L x 1600mm W - AT THE BOTTOM
Height is 1200mm & Door opening = 900mm W 

10m³ Walk-in Skip Bin 

4400mm L x 1500mm W x 1500mm H. The doors are barn style doors giving a 1500mm wide opening.


We do not provide a single standardised price for our skip bins as we believe unique quotes are required to ensure nobody pays too much for their bin.

We charge based on the size and weight of the bin, with added extras such as mattresses and bricks (see conditions page) also being taken into account. 

We will often ask whether you want to the bin to placed on your property or nature strip. This is because some councils require a permit for skip bins to be placed on the nature strip, which is something we can organise for you. We would simply add the charge of the permit to the cost of hire and handle all required correspondence with your council.

Payment for all skip bin hire can be taken over the phone prior to delivery, which means you do not have to be on site when the bin arrives. It can also be done via eftpos or cash - if you prefer - apon delivery.

For a unique quote today contact our friendly office staff.