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Confused about asbestos removal?

Confused about asbestos removal?

Thu, 28th Nov 2019

The use of asbestos in Australia was banned in 2003, although many homes built before 1990 might still have some form of it within the building materials. If you are contemplating renovating your home and it was built before this time, chances are you may come across some during your work. Areas where asbestos is found include: internal wall sheeting, roof sheeting, downpipes, flues, imitation brick cladding, fencing, sheds and eaves.

 It is important to note that Southern Skips Victoria is not a licensed asbestos removal company; therefore, we cannot accept any asbestos in our skip bins. If you are unsure if any of the materials you are handling may be asbestos, we ask you to practice


Asbestos may be removed by the homeowner or a tenant in small amounts only, for more information visit 

Rye Resource Recovery Centre accepts asbestos from domestic based sites only. See the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council website for more details, including how to wrap the asbestos and fees charged.

We can’t stress enough that personal protection equipment must be worn at all times when handling asbestos.


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