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Working Sustainably

Working Sustainably

Tue, 22nd Jan 2019

We often get asked 'why bother hand sorting the bins?' And our very simple answer is always 'Because we like the planet we live on'

For many people rubbish is someone elses problem, but for us, we are that someone else. This means we have to be committed to getting the best sustainability results from each and every bin that comes through our doors. If not us, then who?

We have always been committed to the sustainability of the environment and work in accordance to the EPA guidlines. We understand that within our industry there is added responsibility to recognise & reduce the impact waste management has on the environment. We have therefore implemented clear action plans within our workplace that are designed to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible.

In an attempt to reduce the amount of rubbish that enters landfill, all of our skip bins are returned to our recycling centre, where they are emptied and sorted daily. Not only does this take the pressure off of our customers when filling the skip bins, it also allows us to maximise the amount of items we recycle. Our focus is on seperating greenwaste, bricks, concrete, paper and metal materials from all other waste and disposing of them responsibly.

We can proudly estimate that at least 65% of the waste we receive from our client’s skip bins is recycled or, where possible, donated. Now, this number may seem small, but the common household produces substancially more landfill waste than recyclable. So this is the same for skips.

We have also worked closely with some local Primary Schools, supplying them with equipment that they have used for their educational gardens, landscaping and art programs. As well as this, where possible we donate to the local RSPCA, coucil animal shelter, wildlife rescue organisations and the Mornington RSL.


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